A two part interactive installation, comprising of a inflatable chair lying dormant in the middle of a room, a mass of plastic lacking in form or shape. The chair is connected to an ordinary public seat within the same building, both arranged identically. The occupancy of the standard chair directly dictates the level of inflation of the inflatable chair. If the public seat is occupied, the adjoining inflatable chair will begin to expand until fully inflated, if a person vacates that chair the mirrored inflatable chair will then deflate to its passive state. The interplay and qualities of the work are of a schematic system, where people are creating or at least informing the work. The nature of the installation means that the person interacting with the artwork may never be fully aware of their involvement in the creation of the piece.
Public participation is integral in the artwork, which can only be realised through the engagement of the viewer and a second party (interactor). The essence behind the installation is on an interaction with everyday items and an association between objects of a similar functionality. It prays upon our desire to place meaning and uncover an understanding of what enables a kinetic artwork to function.
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