A two part installation containing regular office paraphernalia, a work table, a chair, a filing cabinet and pin boards. In the Office One there are several motion sensors, when they detect viewers’ movement they bring to life elements in the Office Two. Some changes are felt subtly, others are much more obvious, creating an ever changing piece of work.
Questioning if people automatically view the dormant rooms as actual office spaces in use? Or if someone is witnessing the interaction in Office Two, do they think they are changing the behaviour of the immediately observed objects in that room. There are clues in Office Two that these are not just normal office spaces, such as the hair which waves when the fan is turned on, and the audio track emanating from the plant. These are placed in the installation to transport the viewers into an altered state, a place where dreams and reality are put into question and they are left unsure about what effect they have had on the space around them.
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