I was invited to make a piece of work for a group show responding to the recent 2010 UK election contest.
Heliotrope was an exhibition where artists are invited to deface, work into, and manipulate current political propaganda from Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrat party promotional material and billboard posters used during the 2010 general election.
Using the political slogans and polling data from British elections from 1945 to 2005 to create many small-scale flog poles. Each stand for that year is a pyramid which is scaled exactly depending on the size of votes that party received for that year. Each piece’s slogan is printed on the top of each miniature flag for each parties manifesto. Although some slogans are clearly from which party, some are less obvious, using slogans such as The British Dream or Working Together for Britain. The data and slogans show the mood of the country and wishes for the British people from the political classes, a certain amount of wish making and lots of propaganda.
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